That hard C followed by the gentle hiss of the soft C embodies the visceral feeling I get when I see that word in an email or a text. As a 21st century mother who finds it necessary to over-schedule her children in all-so-important activities that will enrich their lives, pad their college applications, and keep them busy, I spend more time on the move from city to city.  While well-meaning people worry (imagine scary mime hands here) about my homeschooled children not being socialized, I can guarantee my children are probably over socialized.  Between music lessons, physical education classes, team sports, science camps, educational field trips, and park days, my boys are seeing more action now than I did at their age.

So from Monday through Saturday, we’re on the move.  I have become very adept at packing up all my creature comforts to take with me (i.e. knitting, Kindle, iPod, etc.) while my boys are responsible for their things (goodbye diaper bags).  With a full tank of gas and NPR or talkradio providing me with the adult conversation I crave, I’m combating Los Angeles traffic and speedtraps to get to our destinations on time.

Now once in a while I would get that last minute text or email with that beautiful and sexy word winking at me.  Suddenly, the day becomes a little bit brighter. Unlike some people, I don’t need an explanation for the cancellation.  That would be like looking a gift horse in the mouth.



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