I love football. As a diehard San Diego Chargers fan, this season has been fairly heartbreaking as of this post, but I’m going to keep hope alive. Every Sunday I’m on the couch with my knitting watching whichever game keeps my interest. What’s really interesting is the whole deflategate drama. Every team has a scandal of one kind or another, but the drama surrounding the Patriots and their dreamy talented quarterback is epic.

Humans love drama. If it’s damaging to one, most people can’t help but oogle at the carnage. That is one of the reasons why traffic on LA freeways is so horrific. Too many people need to slow down and watch the soccer mom get a traffic ticket. As far as Tom Brady is concern, he’s handsome, talented, married to a supermodel, and made of teflon…until now. Once the Teflon was penetrated, fans and non-fans were oogling the carnage. Well, today is the day the tarnished superman comes back to the lineup. Although I’m not a fan of his team or what he was accused of doing, I’m a fan of the comeback story. I hope Tom Brady’s comeback is epic. It would be a good lesson for children to learn that suffering a consequence does not mean you still can’t succeed.


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