Today the world lost a good man.


It’s a thief.

It’s an equal opportunity thief that robs any and every one. It’s a sneaky bastard that mimics the things we’ve grown accustomed to ignoring thanks to harried doctors and/or busy schedules. When someone becomes a victim of this thief, in our hubris we belief it’s something THEY, the strickened, did. We ask if the person smoked. Did they live with a smoker? Did they work around chemicals? We try to reason why cancer chose to rob a person of their life and their family of their loved one. While offering condolences to the family, there is this small guilty kernel that lies below our breastbone that shifts as we breathe a sigh of relief because the thief chose to rob someone else’s house and left ours alone…for now.

Today a young father of 50 lost his very short battle with kidney cancer leaving behind his wife and young daughter. He was the kind of man that always had a smile and a pleasant way of making you feel comfortable. He was a musician in a punk band. He was an artisan that carved tikis out of stone. He was the sole provider for his family allowing his wife to homeschool their daughter for many years.

He was here. Now he is gone and the world is a little bit darker for a young family who loved him and a community who knew him.

RIP Mike.


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