There is no shame in my game. When I hear my oldest tell my youngest  that mom would be disappointed if something isn’t done correctly, I pause. When the youngest corrects the problem, I cheer. It’s wonderful to be everywhere without leaving my chair or raising my voice. I like to think of it as a superpower.

Remember when you believed your mom or grandma had eyes in the back of their head?  As a mom, I know that moms are amateur sociologist and psychologist. We know human behavior better than anyone. We could predict the end of the story before the first act of the action has completed.

So as moms, we need to plant the seeds to get a child to stay on the right path. Get your voice into their head, so if they are in conflict, they will trust that voice to nudge them into the right direction. If they respect you, they will not want to disappoint you. Eventually your voice will be their voice, but until they get to that point, use your superpower.


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