This is a question I get from friends, strangers, and curious acquaintances who do not understand why I don’t take advantage of the public school system and get a 6-7 hour break from my children.  Yes, I have had other parents wonder why I would choose to be with my children 24/7 rather than allow the public school system take care of educate my. children from 8-3pm.

The short answer to this loaded question is pretty simple.  Everyday after breakfast, I get my boys into their books.  Depending on the weather or our mood, we sort of gather in whichever room the boys feel comfortable to work.  Sometimes they work together and other times they work apart.  Since they are at different levels, their assignments are individualized for their interests and success.  One child enjoys coding while the other likes 3D animation.  They both are in the same books for science which has a great online component.

Rarely do I make the boys get dressed for the day. Schoolwork does not last a typical school day.  After 3-4 hours of work which includes the practice of instruments, the boys have the rest of the day to explore their other interests.  I do not give homework because the work we do at home is sufficient.  I do give my children a standardized test at the end of the year to measure their growth. The results are used to evaluate their progress and guide further instruction.

My program works for my family.  I can’t say that my sons are in love with the work they need to complete.  There are days when they may drag their feet or give me push-back when the weather is  nice and they’ve been indoors too long.  On those days, we go on a field trip.  Museums, science centers, and historical sites are nearby to explore.  The world becomes our classroom.

This is how I homeschool.



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