People are basically good.  In the best and worst of upbringings, I have seen the open honesty in some children’s faces.  This open and honest light I see makes me feel confident that future generations will still find these values worth upholding.  Yes, there are people who seem rotten to the core, and unfortunately, they are the bad apples that have the potential to ruin the entire barrel, but I think for the health of humanity, we need to believe these people are the exception to the rule.

The 24 hour news cycle needs the exception to the rule in order to stay in business.  When I was a young child of the 70’s, there were 3 major networks with the news coming on in the evening when children should be in bed.  There might’ve been morning and evening news, but I was blissfully unaware.  On my transistor AM radio, I would tune in to KFWB news station and hear the stories that were important to know. I remember hearing about sports teams, the president, traffic, and local interest stories.  There were no boogie men or women to scare me.  Now, news radio, news apps, and the 24 hours news programming is exploiting every horror found from every corner of earth.  I could be cruising along PCH and hear about a crime that happened in a little city in a flyover state.  My children will start asking questions, and I need to change to the station to find something less intrusive and scary because I don’t want my children thinking everyone is bad.

Now I don’t want my children to be dangerously naive and think they are living in a state of this-won’t-happen-here, but it’s important to realize that the news media’s job is to keep themselves relevant and necessary.  And if that job is to horrify the audience and tell about the grandmother who drowned her grandchildren and their puppy in a bathtub, then so be it.  I just don’t want my children to start fearing their grandmother because if someone else’s grandmother did it, then maybe it’s in the nature of grandmothers to flip out and start killing puppies and children.

I know someone who is immersed in the world of the 24 hours news cycle and they are PARANOID.  Whenever they don’t hear from someone or if someone acts a little odd, their first instinct is to believe the worst of the situation.  If I don’t answer my phone, I must’ve been in a horrific car accident.  If they haven’t spoken to me in a while, then something bad must’ve happened.  If I go out on a blind date, I’m putting myself in the cross-hairs of a rape because that is what men are doing to their dates.  Now that I’m married with children, the paranoia has increased a thousandfold because the news  cycle has set up all women and children as victims waiting to be victimized. Thanks to Nancy Grace and her ilk, victimization became big business and women are encouraged to be fearful because it could happen ANYWHERE.  Now people are expected to believe that the exception to the rule is the color of human nature.  That’s not true.  What say you?


2 thoughts on “Human Nature

  1. I can’t imagine raising a girl. I guess I fall into that scared category. Although I believe there are good people, I can easily see those which aren’t. And those that might be inherently good, they are often in a world that revolves around them. Survival of a sweet soul means you have to be vigilant. The opportunity for predators has also grown with technology. Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have to warn my son about roofies in drinks. But I do, because it could happen.

    1. Being vigilant and teaching our children to be aware of the real dangers in society is good parenting. But living in a constant state of fear of the possible evil lurking around the corner births a breakdown in humanity. A society that looks upon itself as a predatory system cannot be healthy or good.

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