Trick or treat, candy, costumes, parties, and ghoulish pranks are the hallmarks of this holiday.  I could explain how this day has its roots in the pagan wheel of life where the dearly departed is behind a thin veil to the living world.  It would be a real downer to say this day was traditionally a day to honor our ancestors and ask their spirits to help us with our struggles.  There is no fun in pointing out that the Christians were so fearful of this pagan holiday that they placed All Saints Day on the day after Halloween to help convince pagans to convert to the new religion without too much of a  disruption in their traditional celebrations. A true killjoy to point out that the tradition of masks being worn on this day is rooted in a rural ideology of frightening bad spirits away from crops during this thinning of the veil between the dead and the living.

Halloween is a time for fun and treats. Candy corn (yech), chocolates, Smarties, The Great Pumpkin, a stomach ache, a scary movie (Vincent Price), and a harmless fright on an unsuspecting mark are the rage.  Have fun!  Be safe!


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