This Halloween was built up to be the best one yet.  Even my moody 12 year old was moved to actually contemplate a costume to wear for the festive day.  Well, the day started to fall apart bit by bit. In the morning, my boys realized their friend was too sick to join them for trick or treating.  This put a damper on things, but my youngest kept his enthusiasm at fever pitch, so we slapped on a happy spin on it all to move on.  My 12 year old allowed me to make up his face as a skeleton.  Since I don’t have daughters, this was a thrill to play with makeup on someone other than myself.  The first attempt at monster make up was a success.  He even allowed me to put his picture on Instagram and tag his friends.

As evening fell, we were excited to go out.  Dad was coming home early and they were well coached on the rules of the night.  They had 10 houses or 1 hour to knock on doors. We needed to be home by 8pm so the parents can watch Gotham and Lucifer.  With the game plan set, we went out.  Lots of houses were dark.  The houses that were lit up had generous residents which the boys appreciated.  When we got home with 20 minutes to spare before Gotham, we put on our light.  We had a total of 5 trick or treaters in one hour.  Sad.

Maybe the low turnout had something to do with Halloween being on a Monday.  I remember my days in the classroom when a weekday Halloween was a nightmare of parties, carnivals, parades, and sugar-loaded children with sticky fingers.  A nightmare for teachers and staff, but a sugar coma thrill for the students.  Maybe a lot of children had to tap out of trick or treating because their schools piled on the treats during the day.  Who knows?  Anyway, my boys are thrilled with their day while I’m annoyed with the day.  I have a pound of chocolate I need to get out of this house.  What a waste of money!  Luckily, my husband can take a good deal of it to work.


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