Yes, everywhere you look there is an urgent push for citizens of the United States of America to go out and vote.  Celebrities plead into the camera with sad, serious eyes imploring you to vote.  Cool, hipster rockers are daring you to rock the vote.  Religious leaders stand at their pulpits guilting the congregation to vote.

Don’t vote if you are moved by a celebrity, rocker, or clergy.  If you are not self motivated to perform your civic duty, then stay home.  If you do not know what you’re voting for, please leave your ballot blank.  The one thing that stuck with me from my high school civics class was how too many people vote but have no idea what their voting for.  We had an assignment where we were to vote for judges.  Not knowing anything about the names on the page, we voted blindly.  It was horrifying to discover our class voted for Nazis, criminals, and white supremacists.  After that lesson, I have always gone to the ballot box with a clear understanding of my civic duty.

Too many people are voting blindly.  If they are not voting blindly, they are voting to just be voting.  They probably got a pre-filled voting ballot in the mail from their affiliated political party and are using that to vote.  Please, knock it off.  Yes, voting is a privilege and should be taken seriously. Don’t be cavalier about it.


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