I am the queen of shopping. You would not know it by looking at my faded t-shirts from the 80s and my running shoes. When I was a young woman in ger 20s, my father told me to spoil myself because no one else would. I had just gotten out of a bad situation that had me living a different life for too many years.  I had low self esteem. After freeing myself from the self imposed hell, I took my daddy’s words to heart. I treated myself like a queen. As an independent woman, there was nothing I wouldn’t  get for myself.

Fast forward 20 years, I  still live by that mantra but to a smaller scale. I no longer treat myself to fancy clothes, pointless shoes (oh how I  miss buying strappy heels), and overpriced make up. Now I splurge on luxury yarn and other quirky wants (hello teacups). The month of November is the start of the spending season and I go into a tailspin of wanting to buy gifts for myself. I do know how to take a moment to focus on others, but it plays out like that joke where you buy one for someone and get the same for yourself. Cheeky!

So now I’m fighting  the impulse to not troll Amazon, EBAY, and Etsy.


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