This morning I went for a walk to the gym.  My iPod was on shuffle and I gave myself permission to sing and bop to the beat to wake up my spirits.  The early morning crowd was “getting it in” as usual while the televisions replayed election night shenanigans.  A few televisions were rehashing the play by play of the Lakers’ game.  Being an estranged Lakers fan, I found this snippet of television mildly engaging.  The Lakers must’ve lost, but it didn’t matter.  The team is in a rebuilding phase, so some losses from a young team is expected.

After lifting my weights, I took a walk to the local coffee purveyor.  I wanted to walk home sipping hot coffee and listening to my eclectic mix of music.  The young man behind the counter asked how I was doing.  I forced a smile and told him I was fine.  I placed my order and he handed me my cup.  “Don’t worry about it. It’s on me.”

In that moment, the sun broke through the clouds.  My heart felt lighter and I knew I was truly fine. Kindness is a wonderful currency.


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