A very popular and famous five star, diamond level restaurant that serves millions has made a surprising hire for head chef. The new chef has no experience in fine dining. Actually, the new head chef has only eaten at fine restaurants and had strong opinions on the dishes he likes and dislikes. He’s quick to criticize the current head chef’s tenure with commmentary on the menu that boasts of cold soups (gaupacho) and medium rare prime rib. The new head chef cannot boil an egg, but he knows more about cooking than any of the other chefs of exclusive 5 star restaurants.
The new head chef may not know how to make toast, but he will surround himself with a moderately experienced staff  after he fires the entire kitchen. On the short list is a sous chef that hates using knives. There are some others who have also dined in 5 star restaurants and have held positions as fast food servers, hot dog vendors, and food truck workers. One candidate for a key position in the exculsive kitchen claimed his mother used to cut the crust off his sandwiches when he was young so to expect that kind of high caliber dining when the restaurant reopens with the new staff.

“This restaurant has been serving the same high quality meals with names you can’t pronounce and prices you can’t afford. It’s time to have someone who has never run a kitchen or a restaurant before to take over. My skills in eating good food and helping my wife with her highly followed Pinterest food board will give me the right perspective to turn this 5 star restaurant into a 10 star restarant. You’ll be eating so much you’ll get tired of eating,” boasts the new chef.


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