Southern California has serious car culture. You need a car if you live in Southern California because the public transportation is unreliable. Los Angeles was recently listed as number 2 for having the worst traffic in the U.S. and I wish I could say that was hyperbole. Services like Uber and Lyft are very popular. Taxis are usually reserved for airport transport. The buses and trains must be used by people who do not have a strict schedule. 

This summer my boys and I met up with friends to ride the train for fun. Reading, understanding, and following a schedule is a necessary skill, so this excursion would also be a learning experience. Well the boys learned that the train was not only an unreliable mode of transportation, but it was wholly frustrating. Trains break down and you could be left stranded in some pretty dicey areas for a long period of time.

Today we took the local bus to travel 3 miles from our house. It took us nearly 2 hours to make the trip. The last 15 minutes of the trip was me driving my car from the shop to McDonald and then home. Unbelievable!  Apparently the bus schedule is just a suggestion. I had planned our trip to have the minimal wait time. Unfortunately we were waiting up to 20 minutes for buses and waiting through drivers’ break times.


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