I’m going to take a hard stance on this divisive new law.  I know some people will feel my position is encroaching on their rights, but it’s time for us in the great state of California to take a long hard look in the mirror and realize enough is enough.

Plastic bags should’ve been banned years ago.

Yes, we have enjoyed the convenience of shopping and having all of our goods stored in these handy bags with handles.  For a time we were given the choice between paper and plastic. Depending on my mood and excuses I would choose one over the other.  Paper was good because it was biodegradable and easy to recycle.  On the negative side of that coin, trees were destroyed to produce the bags and that’s not eco-friendly.  Plastic was good because it was strong and can be reused to collect trash in tidy little bundles.  The negative side of the coin was they weren’t biodegradable and a plastic bag takes years to decompose in the landfill.

With global warming as a real threat to the future of our species and a need to do our part to help minimize waste, reusable bags are an option.  We just need to adjust our mindset.  Here are ways to get your mind straight as you transition into a new reality where shopping bags aren’t readily available.

  • Carry a minimum of 5 reusable bags in the trunk of your car.  Many stores sell them for .99.  Many retailers sell stylish ones if you rather not be walking advertisement.
  • Tuck emergency bags in your purse or stash one in your glove box.  At a local Japanese store called Daiso , you can purchase full size shopping bags that fold as small as a deck of cards for easy storage.
  • Be prepared to pay .10 per bag.  Don’t be cheap.  As me move forward, you will find your impromptu shopping spree will overshoot your bag allotment.  Buy the extra bags instead of awkwardly trying to carry everything in your arms.

Now admit it! You have a crazy, unsightly stash of plastic bags somewhere in your house. Line your trashcans with them and move forward in this new world order.



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