My youngest son is a picky eater. When I was breastfeeding him, he refused to drink my expressed milk from the bottle. He needed it from the source which made life a little challenging. My oldest son is a different story. While his brother shunned most foods, my oldest ate most things. 

Dinnertime is hellish whenever I cook which is 90% of the time. I’m a good and predictable cook, but you wouldn’t know it by my youngest reactions. He would rather eat baseline pizza (hello, Pizza Hut), hamburgers, and hot dogs. 

His pediatrician has been telling me that my son will outgrow being picky. Friends tell me to give it time. Experts say to offer a variety of foods, but don’t force him to eat. Well after 10 years I’m still in the midst of the battle with no end. 

I’m trying hard to not be resentful, but when it comes to dining, it seems like my youngest has held the family hostage to his preferences. I like seafood, but going out to a seafood restaurant is out of the question unless there is some chicken fingers on the menu. So many restaurants I enjoy come off the table for choice. Any family outing for a meal becomes a conversation on what’s on the menu the youngest would attempt to eat. It’s frustrating. 


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