Maybe technology is destroying humanity. Maybe Stanly Kubrick had it right all those years ago. Maybe Anthony Burgess had his finger on the pulse as he gave us A Clockwork Orange. Maybe as technology gets better we are becoming dumber. 

Not too long ago a person can get in their car and just  drive to their destination without a little voice telling them how to get there. A Thomas Guide or a Rand MacNally was all a person needed just in case they got lost. Now people are using their phones to go to places they’ve been to many times. GPS has become a crutch.  If two people are having a conversation, most of the time one or both parties find the need to pull out a phone. Instead of using their minds to bring up a fact, they NEED Siri to give them the information they need.  If the phone or tablet loses the internet connection, the world just stops. Children start to whine and parents are forced to interact.  In the 60s through the early 2000s, television was the big technological bully. Now smartphones, tablets, and computers are forcing their will onto humanity.  

We are all being slowly dumbed down by technology.  Surely my great grandchildren will live in a world where AI could possibly be smarter than humans. I hope not, but we have seen the theme of machine taking over mankind  played out in countless movies and books. The possibility is there.

We are all guilty to some degree of being seduced by the latest technology, but we need to be the master of our own domain. Here are some suggestions to reclaim our humanity.

  • Turn off the GPS and use common sense and experience to travel to a local destination. 
  • Leave your phone off the table or out of your hands if you’re coversing with someone. 
  • Force your brain to recall facts. 
  • Read a book.
  • Play a board game.
  • Go on a walk.
  • Stop snapping pictures or recording everything.  Enjoy the moment
  • Unplug  for a day. 

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