Today I enjoyed the company of four ladies for afternoon tea.  A friend of mine loves to host seasonal tea parties.  Her parties always include delicious foods she spends days preparing, exotic teas, crafts, games, and stimulating adult conversation.  Most of us are teachers, so there is a fair amount of shop talk that peppers the conversation.  But overall, we talk about everything from television, politics, our families, etc..

As an introvert, I have to motivate myself to leave my house on a Sunday (football) afternoon to socialize.  I know I would enjoy myself once I warm up, so the self-motivating pep talk always wins me over.  Without fail, I’m enjoying the company, food, and atmosphere.  Without fail, the conversation is the draw.  It’s good to exchange ideas and listen to others expound on issues I entertain as I listen to talk radio or my podcasts.

Today was no different.  The ages ranged from 30 to 80.  We came from different ethnic and racial identities.   Three generations were represented.  We talked about the ills of society.  We lamented over the cancer that was eroding our world. We drank tea, ate calorie rich foods, and solved the world’s problems in two hours.  That’s progress.


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