It is expected in my household to teach the basic subject matters that are taught in the classroom.  Reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, art, etc. are all addressed in my homeschool curriculum.  My boys have a book bag, books, pencil boxes, protractors, compasses, calculators, rulers, etc.. We start our school day after everyone has had their breakfast.  Being self starters, my sons have been known to get up and get started on their studies before I get out of bed.  Some days, we may end early or we let the schoolwork drag through the day.

There have been times I’ve found a subject, idea, or concept that was more important than the book learning I had planned, so I go with the wind and find a truly wonderful teachable moment.  It is in these moments the true learning happens.  Children learn best through experience.  Book learning has its place, but the learning that engages the child’s imagination and experience lasts forever. A child may forget how to calculate the speed of a wave, but they will never forget a lesson that sparks their interest.

For example, today my sons had a quiz on oceanography.  One son was working on his algebra while the other was working on fractions.  Feeling under the weather, I was not the usual taskmaster, but it was a joy watching them work like a well-oiled machine.  During a lull, the youngest wanted to work on an engineering project which focuses on different types of circuits.  With my permission, their eyes lit up and suddenly they were in overdrive with their engagement.  Listening to them work out the circuit and explain to me the purpose was a joy.  In that joy I found comfort that I was teaching the whole child.  Their interest  stimulated learning.


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