For the past month, a cold had infiltrated our household.  First my oldest got hit with it.  He was down for the count for a couple of days.  Next my youngest got hit with it.  He was knocked out for a few days.  There was a day of overlap which left me with a day where I didn’t have to take them to their lessons which was a small blessing.  As the younger residents were coughing, sneezing, and feeling poorly, I doubled my efforts at keeping myself well.  I was hitting the gym with ferocity and keeping my diet as clean as possible.  Later my husband started complaining of a sore throat.

Now in the scheme of things, my husband hardly ever gets sick.  So, if he’s taking off a day of work and wandering around the house in a robe, you know things have gone seriously sideways.  So I knocked on wood and figured the reason why I was still healthy was because I was a beast at keeping the germ-fairy at bay.  As an elementary school teacher for nearly 20 years, I felt as if I had been exposed to every germ known to man, so I must have a constitution made of steel.  In my zeal, I hit the gym like a madwoman, munched my fruits/vegetables, gobbled herbal supplements like jellybeans, and embraced my good health like a warm blanket.  That was my folly.

As the family embraced their recovery like precious flowers, I fell down the mountain of health like a skier out of control.  What should I blame?  The germy gym?  That extended sweat session in the sauna?  Wet hair?  Kissing and embracing the sick with abandon because I had a constitution of steel?  Who know?  Who cares?  The end result remains the same.  So as I cough up part of a lung as I type this, I know I’m slowly crawling back to a state of better health.


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