Yesterday I had a conversation with a woman that left me speechless which is a pretty rare state of being. We were both milling about the kitsche toy section of a particular store when she broke the silence.

“It’s hard to buy for children who have everything.”

“Tell me about,” I murmured as I rejected simple toys knowing if I bought them they would end up pushed aside in favor of computer games.

“I just bought my nephew an accordion. We’re Italian so it has significance,” she continued.

“That’s nice, ” I replied because my mother taught me manners.

“Do you know what my nephew got when he was two from his grandfather?” She asked. I knew it was rhetorical, so I  didn’t engage in the guessing. I  shrugged. “A 1965 Ford Mustang he had….”

I ignored the rest of the description because I was waiting to hear her say it was a model, a toy, or a picture. After my initial shock I realized she meant that a two year old was gifted a car. Well, where can you go from there? No wonder she was trying to explain to a complete stranger why the accordion had cultural significance. She was preparing her explanation for the child.


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