Heavy Downpour

On the Jacksons 1981 album Triumph, Michael Jackson croons five haunting words.  As a child, I would croon along with Michael because I loved the way he sang those words. 35 years later, those words hold so much meaning.  I wish I could tell my 13 year old self to listen to the words and understand the meaning.

As I type this, Southern California is soaking in it’s fifth rainstorm within 3 weeks. For a drought plague state, this is a miracle weather pattern.  For the past 4 days I have had a wonderful visit with one of my oldest and dearest friends and her daughter.  We hadn’t seen each other in 5 years which for some may seem like no big deal, but for us it is huge.  In 5 years she became immersed in her life and I in mine.  Like groundhogs, we both popped up one day and realized we needed to correct this.  So for 4 days we became young girls again while our children rolled their eyes and lovingly mocked us for talking about the 1900’s.  It was magical.  We even spent a day at the Magic Kingdom to sort of freeze frame a special memory for ourselves and our children.

In four days, 5 years melted away.  The grey in our hair became wizened highlights. The wrinkles on our faces were laugh lines.  The extra weight became a cloak of comfort and pride.  We were young girls in women bodies remembering our past and embracing our present while dreaming of the future.  We dragged the children to our alma mater to share the magic of that time with them.  While we reminisced about dorm shenanigans, roommates, jobs, and campus politics, our children were in disbelief at our revelations.  They clutched their collective pearls upon hearing they had to share a bathroom with a floor of people.  My word!

Well, my friend left and the rain began to fall.  The rain is like the tears that should fall because of the loss of time.  With the tragedy of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds’ untimely death, it’s best to understand that time does not wait for anyone.  Hug your loved ones close and live like tomorrow will never come.  Don’t be foolish, but be wise with your time.


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