I don’t watch awards shows. Sitting on my couch watching actors, singers, and other laudable notables slapping each other on the back does not sound like a good way to spend my time.  If I’m going to sit on my couch, I would rather watch their product rather than their celebration of their product. In the end, I do not completely ignore the shows.  Usually if something interesting, shocking, or noteworthy occurs, I can find a clip of it online.  Last night I heard Meryl Streep gave a speech worth watching.

Meryl Streep made me cry…again.

The first time Meryl Streep made me cry was her performance in Sophie’s Choice.  That movie still makes me want to cry.  Having children of my own, I think back to that movie and…. Well, I get a sick, sad feeling that makes me want to hold my children a little closer.  Meryl Streep gave a speech that was moving, honest, and vulnerable.  Of course some people will say she’s an actress who is very effective in getting a performance across to the audience.  Well, if it was for show, then I say “Bravo!” Point was made and I hold my children a little closer.

She shined a small flashlight on the ugliness that is eroding our society.  She angled a spotlight on a problem that is robbing us of our kindness.  Meaness is in. Kindness is out. Everyone is a potential target and we need to stand up and hold the transgressors responsible. As her croaking voice gently pleaded to the audience and press, the camera panned the audience.  Some looked equally moved and some looked bored.  There was one shot that made my heart grow cold because two actors I have liked were featured.  The looks on their faces were not kind.  It looked as if Meryl Streep was ruining their buzz.  I won’t say their names, but if you were to watch the clip, you could not help but notice their put-upon expressions.

It’s heartbreaking to see so many people begging for peace and kindness while others baptise themselves in the waters of anger and cruelty.  It’s hard to watch anything said in the name of peace is looked upon as left wing, socialist drivel.  It’s hard to stomach meaness as an appropriate reaction to political correctness.  I guess to survive the new world order we have to keep our eyes down and our ears sharp.  We need to keep kindness in our hearts and hope in our soul.  


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