Today my kitchen blew up over a box of cereal.  After the gym, I did my regular grocery shopping.  Knowing that my oldest was out of his favorite cereal, I picked up a box.  Now my soon to be 13 year old eats like a bottomless pit.  I’m fortunate to have a son who enjoys my cooking and eats with abandon.  He is not afraid of trying new things and his palette is pretty sophisticated for a young teen.  So when it comes to food that he likes, he’s very territorial. 

So I brought in the box of cereal to his unbridled glee.  There was a hug, a kiss, and a jubilant trip to the cabinet to get his bowl.  Patting myself on the back, I start to leave the kitchen to shower off the gym when I hear, “Stop eating my cereal!  You have your own cereal which you don’t eat.  Stop eating mine!”

I made a u-turn to see what caused the commotion.  My youngest son had helped himself to the cereal.  My youngest is a very picky eater.  He has been known to reject something he would normally eat because he spotted seasonings.  He is that picky eater who could hate a food he once loved in a 24 hour period.  So my picky eater had rejected 3 boxes of cereals he once loved and was having a turn at his brother’s favorite. OMG!

After 5 minutes of talking my oldest down from a complete meltdown, I hit him with some facts.  

  1. I buy food for the family.
  2. Just because it is his favorite does not mean it is his.
  3. If he wants his very own box of cereal, he should purchase a box, write his name on it, and claim ownership.

So that was my morning.  How was yours?


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