I’m on day 15 of the 30 days Yoga Revolution lovingly presented by Yoga with Adriene. I discovered Adriene a year ago when I did her Yoga Camp which was amazing.  Yoga classes can be pretty academic when you focus on doing the asanas without falling down or embarrassing yourself.  Approaching yoga like an exercise class is more common than not for some people. Some yoga classes can be…a bit much with moonbeams shooting out of your 3rd eye while you chant words you don’t understand while inhaling the smoke from a healing herb that may or may not give you emphysema by the end of the class. Adriene presents yoga in a way that is accessible to all.  Her classes are a perfect blend of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. I can take what I learned on the mat and apply it to off the mat.

Without fail, Adriene will announce that a certain variation of an asansa was yogi’s choice. This means the practitioner can decide which variation suited them. I love that phrase because it reminds me that I have a choice in how I proceed with any and all tasks put before me. Believe me when I say that that is one lesson learned on the mat I take with me off the mat.

So as I move forward in this life, I embrace my choices. My way may not be someone else’s way, but that’s alright. We are all special snowflakes. If we were all the same it would be quite boring. 


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