(For many of us there is nothing new or alarming in the recent events being played out on the national and international stage.  Some of us were marching and protesting decades ago for injustices that others turned a blind eye.  History is repeating and again many are turning a blind eye.  For those who have never fallen asleep on the FIGHT, stay strong.  For those who are waking up, welcome.)  

Mary, mary, far from contrary

Gardens day and night.

The youngest bird has flown the nest

And nothing is feeling right.

Social media is her friend

Her lover, and confidante

She picks her scabs until they bleed

Emotions need transplant.

Then it happened one winter day

Purpose dropped down from high

The heavens opened up on her

And she knew the reason why

She breathed and purred a carnal moan

That ached and gave her claws

As many years of maze running

Gave her the needed pause.

Stay woke they said a cunning quip

That fueled her passion long

A purpose strong it molded her

To be woke with anger and strong.


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