My Pinterest baking adventure had hit a road bump after the first week of June due to an uncharacteristic heatwave in the midst of California’s June Gloom.  My youngest announced that I hadn’t made a Pinterest dessert in 4 weeks which I quickly corrected with a 3 week sabbatical.  Nevertheless, I tied on my apron (not literally) and got back into my baking.


Lazy Cookie Bars was a great way to jumpstart the baking frenzy.  These chocolate chip cookie bars were easy to make.  Using a cake mix and a few ingredients I typically have on hand for all occassions, this delicious treat became a hit.  The pan was polished off in little over 3 days.


Lemon Mousse was my desperate attempt to use up a bag of lemons sitting on my kitchen counter.  This recipe was a little fiddly for my tastes, but the results were epic.  I like to make quick and easy things.  When a recipe calls for refrigeration, pre-frozen utinsels, and any other time consuming machinations for a food that will be consumed in less than 5 minutes, I typically bypass the recipe in exchange for something less involved.


Cherry Amaretto Latice Pie was a not-so-subtle request from my husband.  I typically make pies around the fall and winter holidays, but for DH I made an exception.  I cheated a bit on this pie and used a premade cherry pie filling and crust from Trader Joe’s. I added amaretto to the filling and called it a day.  Everyone loved the pie.  Since the liquid ratio was a little off, the pie turned out a little looser than I would’ve desired, but in the end, the slices of pie were consumed with enthusiasm and no one was complaining.


Devil’s Food Cake was made for my youngest birthday.  The devil is in the details of making this cake.  The recipe literally disappeared on me in the middle of making this cake.  I spent a great deal of time chasing this recipe down, but the server where this recipe was stored was down.  Being in the middle of making this cake, I had to search for a similiar recipe to complete the cake.  The recipe I used to finish this cake did not use sour cream and I didn’t want to guess on how much to use, so I left it out.  The cake turned out fine.  It was one of the better chocolate cakes I’ve ever made.


Key Lime Pie Bars are to die for.  I love key lime pie.  I bought key lime juice to have on hand for this receipe.  I had a bit of a mishap in warming the egg yolks to room temperature.  I used the microwave to give me an assist and I ended up cooking the yolks.  Yech!  6 eggs later, I managed to get it right and the results made me walk my dog for 3 miles to hopefully burn off the calories.  The only suggestion I’ll make is to add a layer of minimally sweetened whipped cream on top to balance the sweet tart taste.

Dark Chocolate Chewies by Yesterfood

Dark Chocolate Chewies were the best chocolate cookies I have ever made.  I will attribute the chocolate goodness of these delicious cookies to the quality cocoa powder I bought from Whole Foods.  The best results for anything are in the ingredients.  I’ve learned over time if you use the common ingredients found on the average market’s shelves, your results will be common and average.  When it comes to the staple ingredients, always go for the finer version.  These cookies compliments coffee.

To the joy of my family, I’m back on the Pinterest journey.  In anticipation of the hot days of summer, I will try to keep my adventure to cooler treats.  I see an eggless chocolate mousse


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