I woke up this morning with a fair amount of anxiety because I agreed to take this little guy to a doggie meetup.  My dog is 7 months old and he’s in the full bloom of puppyhood. Every dog he sees he greats with a sloppy and enthusiastic, “Hi, FRIEND!” He loves to play and he has a hard time realizing when the play needs to stop with his human family. So spending quality time with other dogs was a new frontier for us.

My friend, who took this great picture of my pup, brought her two female chihuahuas to the park.  My pup went into instant play mode while her mature dogs were like, “Back off, sonny.  Grown ups are trying to chill.” He handled it all in stride even though he couldn’t stop himself from sniffing the bottom of one particular chihuahua.

He got some clap back for his aggressive attention, but to my relief, it was all good.  He was able to socialize with other dogs and he didn’t exhibit a mean streak.  I would like to believe that in time the puppy grapes will turn into fine wine.  But for now, I weather the challenges and appreciate the goodness in my dog.  He’s a good boy.


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