Watching the sun

Set beyond human’s reach

Saying goodnight

To a day that began

With promises of treasures

Joy and light

Now the time has come

To say goodnight.

Wishing the day could

Last forever

But the sun can be cruel

And tear apart

A joyful friendship

Of light and sweet

Lashing away

Paper thin skin.

Sweet daylight

You’ve served your purpose.

A bridge to the West

Now is time to rest.



This poem is dedicated to…well, it’s pretty obvious.

Picking fights with people
While gutting the constitution
Tossing gas on flames
Giving no resolution.
Giving all the finger
And robbing the nation blind
Scapegoating those without power
Pushing progress with rewind
Such a horrible man
Lucifer would be so proud
You dismiss all the truth
And fire up your crowd
With fairytales and nightmares
Some true and others fake
The blinded sheep trot after you
Destruction in your wake.

Heavy Downpour — Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis

He’s filling a hole

Where the rain came in

When he wasn’t looking

Now he feels whole.

A day goes by,

the paint’s not dry

The rain is pouring down.

He’s filling same hole

With aimless causes

Hoping the rain stays out

Now he feels whole.

A year goes by,

the rug’s not dry

The rain keeps pouring down.

He’s filling the hole

With holy good vibes

Hoping the rain will stop

Emptiness eclipses whole

A lifetime goes by

The spirit is dry


Picking scabs until they bleed

Picking the scabs to fill a need

To feel something real

Happiness escapes you

As the hard protective crust of nature

Crumbles into your badly bitten nails.

Validation comes when the wound is wet.

Acceptance comes when the wound looks hot to touch.

Fever below the never ending weep

Of blood and pus.

Look at me!

I’m injured.

Cry for me!

I’m in pain.

My century old wound

Needs to be licked.

There’s value here…

Or not.

Innocent, young eyes

Tenative elocution

Expressing disappointment

In crushed expectation

A thank you and a smile

Was all that was sought

But insensitive commentary

Was unexpectedly bought.

My pain in his eyes

I search in my sacks

For the right words

to patch up old cracks.

Sorry excuses

And a flimsy fairytale

are used as broken puppets

To mask an emotional hell.

This too shall pass

I say for his sake

As I silently cry

Over my heartbreak.

Bespeckled Shade

Holds in hand

An instrument

That severs

Years of strife

A shadowy life

Joined under a bleeding

Shepherd of tormented souls.

Joined by a man

Of cloth and bone

Bestowing blessings

Divinely raised

Later dashed

In a hotel room.

No reason or rhyme

Brought to a moment

Where, “sign here”

Sounds like an angel’s harp.

That ache that clogs your throat

And makes you wonder

If you would ever be able to swallow

Without stumbling over that lump

That makes it hard to speak clearly.

Makes it hard to be made heard

By anyone who cares to listen.

They say that they care

But it’s what you can do for them

Not what you may need from them.

You speak but your words

Fall onto ears that have been deaf

For as long as you can remember.

You are not an individual.

You are an extension of them which

They can’t control

To their consternation,

But they try

and they try

and they try

Because you are not your own

Until they die.

And even then, you are just a fractured soul

Haunted forever because you were not them.

The greatest gaslighting

Done out of “love”.

I choke on the lump

As my unseasonal rains wash my face,

my body,

my soul.

Have You Ever

Have you ever woke up
On the wrong side of life
Ready to fight everyone
Wrapped in bitter strife.
Kicking down castles
Hissing at the moon
Making friends enemies
Raging like a loon.
Nothing makes you satisfied
Chocolate tastes like sand
Insincere platitudes
Baseless, bitter, bland.
You rip away the mask
And everyone sees you.
The blazing eyes and venom
That guide you to be true.
Then that one special love
Reaches for your hand
Societal norms envelope you
I’m fine.
How are you?”

A fateful Vegas trip

Brought you to my door

Someone thought you made

A perfect match for me.

She was blinded by height

And yellow contact lens.

She couldn’t see the truth.

I saw the truth,

But I decided to take her cast off

And invited you inside.

It was all about fun

And games.

A way to past the time

And distract me from reality.

I could pretend I was in a rom-com.

Then you needed money.

Then you had a story.

Then your damn dirty shoes

Needed cleaning.

And you used my white towel.

No sorry.

Just a sneer.

A symbol so powerful.

A lesson learned well.

She said she thought you were nice.

She didn’t know you.

She just liked your height.

And your fake hazel eyes.



Dumbledore looks inept

He didn’t have a clue

To distract death eaters, like the media

But he had nothing on you.

Merlin is old fashioned

He cared about tables round

Your ways of manipulation

Makes alternative facts sound

Gandalf with his staff

Bolsters warriors to protect a ring

But you, sir, want to badly go back

When climate change wasn’t a thing

Dr. Strange was a real doctor

Medicine and magic, such power

But you, a Snakeoil Salesman

Makes mole holes out of a tower.

Can this mundane world hold you?

Will this democracy survive?

Will my children have a future?

Will our species continue to thrive?

Your finger is on the trigger

No wand, no cape, no spell

You, Masterful Angry Dark Wizard

Are creating a Masterful Hell.