Two young princes

Going to be kings

Need to be strong

Exceptional in all things.

Living in a kingdom

Littered with traps

Designed against honor

Their will shan’t collapse.

Displaced from many kingdoms

Generations roam

They will carve a new one,

A hard earned home.


Playing in the shallow end

Is fun for those like she

Have a baby, sleep on gold

Enjoy the perks that be.

He can have his porno gal

As long as quiet is kept

But have that shit hit the fan

Then all will lose the bet.

The shallow end is dangerous

Drowning is a certain end

No one gives you sympathy

Your place we can’t defend.



The best of humankind.

She watched my dance

And wanted me to teach her.

She wanted to know how to move like that.

Immigrant on the run

From religion, tyranny.

Landed on the shores of a land

That sheltered her from harm.

In return she nursed.

She lit up the sky.

She birthed a warrior.

And her complaints were few.

Then they told her…


So dark

So cold.

As the years go by

As time will fly

The good and bad will weave

A tapestry of sorts

That grows and courts

Memories that’ll never leave.

Wrap your hearts

Within this cloak

May warmth beat back the cold

May bittersweet, loved


Never ever get old.

A bully is not a kind man

Who is just misunderstood

A wife beater isn’t a good man

Who did the best they could.

A cheater isn’t a great man

Who has a special need

A liar isn’t a fair man

Whose truth is to succeed.

It’s funny how up is down

And right is clearly wrong

When bottom feeder humans

Are weak while painted strong.

Sitting in the balcony

Gazing down at the man

who said she was tremendous

A queen

His queen

His prize.

All she had to do

Was sell her soul

Birth his son

And wait…

Faceless stranger

Stands on the shore

Looking for wonders

To later abhor.

Sticky fingers

Dirty feet

Drooling idiot

Beating meat.

Demanding all

But giving none

Baptized in hate

Wanting fun.

Isn’t this great?

He sneers to all

As sweat beads down

Before his fall.

Happy new year

She breathed

Through swollen lips

As he tipped her face

Up to the pregnant moon

He whispers,

For all acquaintances be-


She murmurs.

We start anew

The year is young

There are seeds to plant.

When I die

Please save a tree

Don’t tell anyone

about me

Keep my name

out your mouth

Don’t spread the news

on Facebook.

Don’t memorialize me

on Twitter.

Don’t tell my brothers

Don’t tell my cousins

Don’t tell a soul

Just keep it movin’.

I won’t have a funeral

So you won’t get your chance

To weep fake tears

A mourner’s dance.

Don’t fool yourself

Don’t insult my memory

With trite words

And banal sympathy

Don’t look for my grave

Because it won’t exisit

Don’t contact my children

Because they already know

Your nosy query

Is all for show.


Precious moments

An infant’s cry

Wiggling, straining

Flipping over

Two baby teeth

Cresting pink gums

A crawl to a waddle

A dance so wild

So freeing

So static

Caught on camera

Birthday cake

Candles that burn

But mommy and Bubba

Offer their breath

To shadow a wish.







A smile

Then gone.