You Think You Know

Flash of smile

Eyes wide and clear

Soothing tones

A demeanor so dear.

An easy laugh

A ready embrace

Quick witted commentary

With an open face.

“She speaks so well”

“You’re not like the others.”

I wish you were she

A backbone to brothers.

Then when eyes turn away

The darkness dawns

Essence so pure

From the soul it spawns

Little wicked worries

Seething with fire

What was so dear

Is spiked with ire.

The smile, the face

All tepid iced tea

You think you know someone

But you don’t know me.


I want to lie in bed

With nothing much to do.

I want my biggest worry to be

The newness of my shoe.

I want to burn up time

Playing games and having fun.

I don’t want to get the side-eye

For wanting to be just young

And carefree with “friends”

Running in and out my doors

Don’t want to worry about bills

And errands to busy stores.

I want my meals to be cooked

I want someone else to drive

I want to not worry about anything

I want to go back to five.

So precious, that funny childhood

With worries that don’t effect

Any one or more dependent

No need to earn respect.

I just want to go back in time

To live selfish jubilee

I want to tell my younger self

Enjoy now and be kind to me.

Age came upon her

Like a hurricane

Expected, prepared for

But devastating all the same.

Whatever happened to

That spry twenty year old

Who could run and jump

Turn a head with hips

Swaying to the beat

Of The Temptations

The Supremes,

And Marvin Gaye.

Who is this woman

Staring back in the mirror

Crows feet and bags

Shadows and spots.

Arid honeypot

Skin like a road map.

And joints that ache

Lips like sand.

What happened?



Flames reach for bones

Nothing left to quench

The destruction.

Demented angels flutter

Hovering over heat

Begging for attention

Seeking oxygen.

And time does their bidding.

Allowing the burn to rage.

Allowing the burn to build

And red hot fingertips reach higher and higher while snapping a tuneless song with natural rhythm

And then

The relief comes

And then

The relief goes

And then

A shadow

Of that




Watching the sun

Set beyond human’s reach

Saying goodnight

To a day that began

With promises of treasures

Joy and light

Now the time has come

To say goodnight.

Wishing the day could

Last forever

But the sun can be cruel

And tear apart

A joyful friendship

Of light and sweet

Lashing away

Paper thin skin.

Sweet daylight

You’ve served your purpose.

A bridge to the West

Now is time to rest.


This poem is dedicated to…well, it’s pretty obvious.

Picking fights with people
While gutting the constitution
Tossing gas on flames
Giving no resolution.
Giving all the finger
And robbing the nation blind
Scapegoating those without power
Pushing progress with rewind
Such a horrible man
Lucifer would be so proud
You dismiss all the truth
And fire up your crowd
With fairytales and nightmares
Some true and others fake
The blinded sheep trot after you
Destruction in your wake.

Heavy Downpour — Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis

He’s filling a hole

Where the rain came in

When he wasn’t looking

Now he feels whole.

A day goes by,

the paint’s not dry

The rain is pouring down.

He’s filling same hole

With aimless causes

Hoping the rain stays out

Now he feels whole.

A year goes by,

the rug’s not dry

The rain keeps pouring down.

He’s filling the hole

With holy good vibes

Hoping the rain will stop

Emptiness eclipses whole

A lifetime goes by

The spirit is dry


Tonight I lit my 3 wick lavender candle and began my 291st yoga session. Twice a week I indulge in Yin Yoga which is a gentle, restorative style of yoga that allows the body to ease into poses through the use of gravity and stillness. Holding poses for 3-5 minutes and breathing deeply makes the practice meditative,and soothing. I discovered a good yoga instructor on YouTube called The Yoga Ranger who has excellent Yin Yoga classes that meet my needs. During tonight’s practice, she prefaced a particular pose as being challenging. I was gearing up to meet the challenge with my usual gusto when I saw the pose and realized it was not a challenge for me anymore.

Years ago when I suffered a knee injury that limited my mobility, the pose, half saddle, was an uncomfortable challenge. Instinctively I knew the pose was going to make my recovery better, so I would work the pose regularaly to increase the mobility in my knee and leg. Fast forward to the wonderful journey I’ve been enjoying for 291 days. I dropped into the pose with little effort and a sense of wonder.

When the world seems out of control and the constant bombardment of negativity clouds the senses, I find comfort on my mat. When I would practice 2 or 3 times a week, I felt yoga was a chore turned treat when the session finished. Practicing yoga everyday is a wonderful treat. I get to challenge my body and mind everyday.


Picking scabs until they bleed

Picking the scabs to fill a need

To feel something real

Happiness escapes you

As the hard protective crust of nature

Crumbles into your badly bitten nails.

Validation comes when the wound is wet.

Acceptance comes when the wound looks hot to touch.

Fever below the never ending weep

Of blood and pus.

Look at me!

I’m injured.

Cry for me!

I’m in pain.

My century old wound

Needs to be licked.

There’s value here…

Or not.

Innocent, young eyes

Tenative elocution

Expressing disappointment

In crushed expectation

A thank you and a smile

Was all that was sought

But insensitive commentary

Was unexpectedly bought.

My pain in his eyes

I search in my sacks

For the right words

to patch up old cracks.

Sorry excuses

And a flimsy fairytale

are used as broken puppets

To mask an emotional hell.

This too shall pass

I say for his sake

As I silently cry

Over my heartbreak.